The Mancunian Tribe Series

The Mancunian Tribe Series is my ongoing project and photographic baby. I came to Manchester in 2002 to study and fell in love with the city and its people. The Mancunian Tribe Series is my attempt to document as much of it as I can. Daniel Meadows described his relationship with photography as a passport through the class system. For me he has been some of the inspiration behind this project, combined with a dream I had where I walked through an art gallery with the dearly missed Tony Wilson. Both these figures understood the importance of documenting everyday life and social trends.

I have always loved looking at old images and researching different trends within communities, I hope through this project I can do my bit to document our wonderful city and the people in it. I’m interested in documenting family life, music events, community groups, people and their routines, anything really. To you, you might not seem special but I can guarantee in some way you are.

If you would like to meet me and my camera to take part in this project please get in touch!