My current personal documentary project is Mancunian Tribe. It seeks to promote positivity and acceptance, while showcasing what we are best at in our city. Our creative accomplishments in art and music and our dedication and compassion in our communities. Mancunian Tribe focuses on people. The vibrant and creative individuals that bring so much to the city. Starting off as a documentary photography project, it has now evolved into film. Mancunian Tribe has just over 11,500 Facebook followers who largely became interested due to my popular work with “Manchester Barber for the Homeless”,  Ged King. We set out together to give some kindness and compassion to those who needed it living on Manchesters streets by offer grooming services and also addiction support. Our first film has been shared by various different online platforms and at last count had been viewed over 10 million times. Our story was featured in the national press and also picked up by CBN News in the U.S. I always look to show a positive side of the people I interview and want to help break down barriers and stereotypes that people have of the homeless community. Mancunian Tribe is essentially one woman, but it is also many. It started as a documentary project looking at people and their lives. The success of our homeless work led me to think of it as an ethos, a movement, a way to inspire change and to celebrate. I am driven to make content that is emotive, provokes us to ask questions and highlights the real importance in our lives in an imaginative way.